Analysis of the Women in the Picture of Dorian Dreary Essay

Sibyl falls head over heels in love with Dorian Grey, willing to dedicate her life to him after simply two weeks. Lady Henry hardly knows her husband, who she has been married for a while. Because none woman is in a stable and comfy situation, both equally eventually have drastic measures to move on. Therefore , in The Picture of Dorian Grey, both Sibyl Vane and Lady Henry happen to be weak, flighty, and unsuspecting.

The weakness of women is found in various forms throughout the text message. Henry identifies women while " an attractive sex" and this " they will never have everything to say, nonetheless they say this charmingly. " (Wilde 43) Nowhere is this better reinforced than during Lady Henry's conversation with Dorian Grey. Speaking coldly about nothing in particular, the young woman rambles from her partner's views to parties and flowers. Without even so much like a pause to breathe, the young woman continues to discuss down their self, probably not consciously, explaining that though she loves music, she is scared of how it makes her feel, as though it is a criminal offenses to enjoy and feel passion for the arts. She then stumbles in to admitting her love to get the performers themselves, bringing about question how much she in fact enjoys music. It is as if she meets or discovers of a gorgeous new artist and then selects her fascination with the sound. Next her rant on artists, Lady Holly finds himself on the subject of and also the. She uses this possibility to point out that her partner's guest hasn't attended any one of her celebrations.

During this conversation with Dorian, that Female Henry's character is completely revealed. She confesses to Dorian that the lady " always hear[s] Harry's views via his close friends. " (42) Not only does Lady Henry work as a naive wife, but also a obedient, compliant, acquiescent, subservient, docile, meek, dutiful, tractable one. The lady tells Dorian how much your woman worships pianists, " at times two at any given time, Harry informs me. " (42) Therefore , the lady has now confessed that the lady can not believe for very little. It does not appear to disturb her, though, that she lacks...