Protests in Turkey Dissertation

Berker Parlaker


ENG 102-74

Essay1-Final Draft


The Gezi Park activity has a large importance for a lot of Turkish individuals because after many years in silence persons took action to protect their very own rights and so they aimed to foster Turkish democracy. Just negelecting the presentations would be a great mistake cause missing the chance to create even more democratic nation. In this conventional paper the situation in Turkey and Burak Kadercan's view about it will be talked about.

First of all we need to separate the protests and Arab Planting season. Arab Early spring is a popular movement (uprising) against dictatorship and Arabic people fights for their freedom and democracy. On the other hand Turkey's situation is different, we all still have democracy and Erdoğan is still a well-known leader. Via another point of view Arabs rise up altogether against their dictators in Turkey simply a group of people –AKP haters – started the protests. In the event the protestors were united we're able to talk about a Turkish Spring. How the protests began? Every one of the protests began initially to oppose the construction plan that destroys woods at almost Taksim Square, Gezi Park. The task was about building a mall and offices plus the protest had started with just many people. Individuals that like Gezi Park or who care about trees were there to stop building and firstly they were just sitting and reading catalogs. The police response was challenging and it created a response. Police's intervene to those calm protestors wakes Turkish youth so the key protests started all of major cities in Turkey, depending on Istanbul, Taksim. The protests were not regarding the trees and shrubs anymore, it was the Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Burak Kadercan declares that the protests are not the situation they are symptoms. This is actually a great irrefutable real truth because the federal government created that protest. The actions and behavior of Erdoğan is the main problem. We are able to find various examples of his controversial motions. The...