Discovering The Authentic Leadership Essay

Reviewer: Sunni Swarbrick

Course Title: Bus 212 Executive Command, Fall 2012

Article Name: Discovering The Authentic Management

Author(s): Bill George, Peter Sims, Andrew N. McLean, and Diana Mayer Journal: Harvard Business Assessment

Newsletter Date: Feb . 1, 3 years ago


Through Discovering Your Real Leadership, readers will learn that you don't have to be given birth to with a particular characteristic or traits of what contemporary society views as being a leader. Nor do you have to wait for tap on the shoulder, or become at the top of your organization. You can discover the potential to be a leader without notice. Discovering your authentic leadership requires a good commitment to developing yourself, and devoting yourself to a very long time of noticing your individual potential. Through selection interviews and tales presented in this post, it is demonstrated that authentic market leaders frame all their life testimonies in ways that allow them to discover themselves since individuals who can produce self-awareness off their experiences, instead of passive experts of their lifestyle stories. Furthermore, authentic commanders are aware that acting on this awareness through practicing their particular values and principles typically serves as a risk to themselves. Individuals that demonstrate genuine leadership maintain a good harmony with their inspirations between their values and desire for reward/recognition. Finally, the individuals and stories in this case demonstrate that authentic frontrunners have a very good support group around them, which ensures that they are living bundled, stable lives.


The experts of this article took the time to interview various people who demonstrate genuine leadership. Through these interviews and the reports that were told, the article gives the concept that genuine leadership is definitely demonstrated through the following qualities and behaviours: Learning from your daily life story: A person's journey to authenticity starts here. A person's life account...