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Health Survey

Complete every health and fitness status questions. Request assistance from your parents or guardians if necessary. �

Private information

Height: 63' 1/4

Pounds: 163

Overall health Status

Yes_____ No___x___ Are you experiencing any medical situation that might limit the participation in just about any physical activity? *If yes, please write a detailed explanation of the medical concern and the specific activities you can participate in. �

2 . Price your present condition:

_____ Superb ___x__Good _____Fair _____Poor  *If you selected Fair or perhaps Poor and you do not have an ailment that is discussed in item #1, make clear why you may have rated yourself in this way. �

3. Explain two or more physical activities you participate in outside of a college setting. They may be within your metropolis, community, neighborhood or relatives. Include when you take part, such as a daily or each week basis.

1) We walk my personal dogs surrounding the neighborhood.

2) I head to theme leisure areas on a regular basis.

5. Explain just how your friends positively and in a negative way influence the decisions to get physically active and to make healthy alternatives.  My friends are all very active, trying to get myself to be also. Sometimes although, they put me down if I don't undertake it right/

5. What areas of your wellbeing and body would you like to increase?

_____ Flexibility

_____ Cardiovascular endurance

_____ Upper body power

_____ Reduced body strength

_____ Body system composition

_____ Increase weight

__x___ Lower weight

__x___ Decrease percentage of body fat

__x___ Boost physical activity level

6. Go to the course Story page. List three things from the Story page content that you will use to help you flourish in your Personal Exercise course OR PERHAPS three points that you would like to find out on your study course Announcement site which might be good for you. A. The videos for fitness evaluation.

B. The how to videos.

C. Tips on how to contact teacher....