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Environmental Safeguard is a CRH priority in all operations CRH is committed to the highest criteria of environmental management in all its activities and is proactively responding to the challenges of climate change. It describes the Group's Environmental Policy and exactly how it is implemented. It also explains how environmental performance can be systematically evaluated and reported each year. CRH's responses towards the challenges of climate enhancements made on cement and also other activities are addressed and detailed environmental performance data from over the Group is definitely presented and reviewed.

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Environmental Plan


The CRH Environmental Policy, applied across most Group companies, is to:


Comply, at least, with all applicable environmental legislation and constantly improve our environmental stewardship towards industry best practice.


Make sure that our staff and technicians respect their particular environmental duties.


Proactively address the challenges and opportunities of climate transform.


Optimise our usage of energy and resources through efficiency increases and recycling.


Promote environmentally-driven item and method innovation and new business opportunities.


Be good neighbours inside the many areas in which all of us operate.


Company and plant managers throughout CRH are responsible pertaining to implementing environmentally friendly policy and achieving its goals. This collection responsibility carries on right up through Company Controlling Directors to Divisional Managing Directors, the main Operating Officer, the Chief Professional Officer and ultimately to the CRH Plank. Line managers in every Group organization are assisted by a designated Environmental Addition Officer (ELO). The ELOs (255 in CRH in 2009) are required to be familiar with every relevant environmental legislation, also to advise range managers tips on how to achieve conformity and excellence in environmental management. The reduced range of ELOs last year, (289 in 2008) is due to rationalisation of reporting buildings in line with firm reorganisation within Divisions. In each place, the ELOs network with each other and the Group Technical Consultant and his team in the sharing of environmental best practice. Acquisitions are methodically integrated into the ELO network as soon as is practicable, generally within 6 months. Companies are required to have an ideal environmental management, the range of which will be based upon the type of functioning activity concerned and the specific demands in the local allowing regime. In the higher potential impact activities, 80% of CRH's additional cement crops are now certified to INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG 14001, while the total number of Group locations with this kind of certification is actually 473. It should be noted that INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG Environmental Certification is not common in industrial functions in the USA.

HASTKRAFTER Contractors, Rocky Mountain Section, Oldcastle Materials, USA, completing a introducing contract for the Federal Highway Administration in Glacier Countrywide Park in Montana.



Environment / Corporate and business Social Responsibility

Annual Review Process

Each and every year-end, the ELOs aid the Group Technical Expert and his team

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Group corporations were satisfactorily externally audited during 2009.

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by the CRH Board.