Comparison between conventional lender and islamic bank Essay

п»ї1. 1 Background of the Examine

Now a day, education is not just limited to books and classrooms. Today, education is definitely the tool to know the real world and apply knowledge for the betterment in the society and also business. From education the theoretical understanding is extracted from courses of study, which is the particular half way of the subject matter. Practical know-how has no alternative. The perfect skill between theory and practice is of very important importance inside the context from the modern business world in order to handle the dichotomy between those two areas. Therefore , an opportunity exists by Division of Organization Administration, IIUC(DC), for its potential BBA Degree holders to access least 90 days practical experience, which is known as " Internship Program”. And a written report is required to be prepared to summarize the intern's examination, findings and achieved understanding from this system. So this internship report is a basic academic requirement for the completion of BBA Program in key area of Promoting under Department of Organization Administration, IIUC(DC). The record title" A Comparative Research between Standard and Islamic Banking with reference to General Bank Operations of Islamic Banking System: An instance Study about AB Financial institution Ltd (Islami Banking Branch) ” is based on the study required for the internship period in AB Financial institution Ltd, Islamic Banking Part. It contains a concrete idea about the typical Banking Functions from Islamic General Banking perspective having a comparative picture of among Islamic and Conventional Financial which subject is given by my supervisor and it is to be published to the office as well as to the lender. 1 . 2 Origin from the Study

This kind of report named " A Comparative Research  between Regular and Islamic Banking with reference to General Bank Operations of Islamic Financial System: A Case Study about AB Bank Ltd (Islami Banking Branch)” is ready to fulfill the necessity if internship program with the BBA Put in the Department of Organization Administration in IIUC, POWER. This matter has been designated and supervised by Mister. Md. Tarikul Islam Lecturer, Department of Business Government  IIUC(DC). I've tried my level better to present my experience of the practical positioning in this statement. 1 . three or more Objectives in the Study

1 ) 3. you Primary Aim

The primary aim of this report is to fulfill the requirement of BBA program made up of the completion of three-month internships program and preparation of internship record accordingly. 1 . 3. two Specific Goals

The supplementary objectives with the study will be as follows:

i)To get an understanding of the financial system of ABS Bank Limited.

ii)To know the dimensions of the history and development of ABBL.

iii)To gain working experience on several functions of numerous departments like General Financial especially in the perspective of Islamic Financial. iv)To learn about the rules and regulations of ABBL.

v)To acquaint with the over all services which are provided by AB Traditional bank Ltd vi)To analyze 12 months wise overall performance and illustrate the contribution of Islamic banking Subset of ABBL to its functionality. vii)To assess the efficiency of the lender in terms of earnings of the В В Islami Banking part over the total banking efficiency. viii)В To get yourself a clear thought about the Comparisons among Conventional and Islamic Financial. 1 . 4 Scope from the Study

The research would focus on the following parts of AB Financial institution Limited. Standard Banking approach to ABBL of its Islamic Banking Department. A brief a comparison of Islamic financial with Conventional Banking Performance analysis in several sectors of AB Traditional bank Ltd.

Each of the above areas is seriously analyzed to be able to determine the justification of Islami Banking branch or perhaps Islamic Financial 1 . 5 Methodology from the Study

This kind of report continues to be prepared on such basis as the experience collected during the period of internship. For preparing this survey, I have undergone group discussion, collected data and asked some...