BSBCUS501C Innovative Widgets Assessmen Essay

Customer Service Strategy


Ground breaking Widgets to get considered a leader in top quality products and customer service. Mission

Innovative Widgets provides customers a good experience in customer service throughout all aspects of our business. Product Specifications



1 Dimensions

Widgets are made in sizes: 5mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 18mm 2 Tolerances

We ensure our Icons to +/- 3% of size suggested. Widgets which do not meet this quality may be returned for a full reimbursement. 3 Charges

Customers will probably be given 30days notice when it comes to pricing changes. A 10% discount exists for requests placed on the web

4 Material

Laminates: happen to be of a good quality Polyimide, thermoset with a glass fibre Components: Copper and plated with nickel above gold.

Treatment: benzimidazolethiol to prevent oxidization

Most materials that are used are subject to a rigid Quality Control (QC) procedure 5 Delivery

Orders below 500- sent within 3 business days and nights

Orders over 500- dispatched within just 7 working days. We use using Toll or Australia Post since our courier service


The purpose of this kind of policy should be to ensure that the customers get a comprehensive and an incomparable customer service experience and are also delivered a top quality product in accordance with organisation coverage and methods. Scope:

Progressive Widgets is committed to providing quality products to our customers in a timely manner. The scope with this policy addresses the managing of Innovative Widgets Customer Satisfaction Management strategies including the Customer Feedback Policy and Grievances Handling Procedure. This insurance plan applies to all service complaints, compliments and general feedback received by Innovative Golf widget customers. Recommendations

By implementing this policy Innovative Icons will discover: Areas in the business which need improvement

Aspects of good overall performance, and

Opportunities to increase client confidence inside our product These kinds of objectives will probably be achieved by:

Offering products which will satisfy market specifications

Deliver products on time

Provide outstanding customer service using committing to certain deliverables Motivate and help feedback via customers as an element of our continuous improvement commitment Ensure the staff happen to be experts in all aspects of our goods

Ensure consumer complaints are dealt with proficiently and properly Attachments

1 . POL102- Customer comments Policy

2 . PRO012- Problems Handling Treatment

3. FOR301- Customer Feedback Kind

4. FOR314- Customer Satisfaction Study (Quarterly)

5. FOR318- Customer satisfaction Monitoring and Review Method

Attachment 1 .

POL102- Customer comments Policy

Progressive Widgets realises the importance of customer feedback in the operations and commits for the following principles: All opinions is pleasant, it is deemed vital for the ongoing accomplishment of our business You responses will be managed in accordance with these kinds of guidelines all the time Innovative Widgets regards feedback as an opportunity to improve usana products and providers We recognize feedback in every forms such as our complaints/compliments feedback contact form, via mobile phone, email or perhaps in person Responsibility

All workers of Innovative Widgets are responsible for the implementation of this policy and associated types of procedures. The management team are responsible for the monitoring and reviewing efficiency of the plan. Relevant Guidelines and Requirements

Privacy Take action 1998 (Cwlth) Equal Chance Act 2010 Competition and Consumer Action 2010

Attachment installment payments on your

PRO012- Problems Handling Treatment


Customers have the directly to complain. Ground breaking Widgets invites and promotes feedback in all products and services provided. This kind of feedback may be provided in a variety of mediums just like in...