Augustus Composition

Maddie McCartney

Latin III

Fr. Paul

The fall of 30, 2013


Augustus was born since Gaius Octavius on Sept 23, 63 B. C., in Rome. His father had kept several politics offices together earned a fine reputation, but he passed away when Augustus was four. The people who influenced young Augustus the majority of, were his mother, Atia, who was the niece with the Roman head Julius Caesar, and Julius Caesar himself.

Augustus was the initial emperor of Rome. He formed a strategic alliance with Marc Antony and over the following years, they conquered their enemies in Rome and hunted down the remainders to Portugal, where that they finished all of them off in two of the bloodiest challenges in Roman history. When the battles were through, the empire was theirs and in addition they divided the prizes. Augustus kept The italian capital, while Antony took Egypt.

Augustus established the shape of government which usually Rome reigned over its empire under for three hundred years, the principate. He had an extraordinary talent for statesmanship, the ability to take an active function in the healthy diet of a federal government. He wanted to preserve the best traditions of republican Ancient rome, which was the time in historic Rome's history when governing power is at the hands of the United states senate rather than the chief. As emperor, Augustus worried himself with every detail from the empire. This individual secured its boundaries, provided for the security of remote control areas, reorganized the armed service, and a new navy. He also formed a large city service section, which taken care of the general business of managing Rome's vast empire. Augustus was also interested in pushing a return towards the religious determination and values of early Rome. His efforts included passing laws and regulations to regulate matrimony and family members life and control promiscuity. He made marriage act a criminal offense, and he encouraged the birthrate simply by granting benefits to couples with 3 or more kids.

When justin was twenty three Augustus married Scribonia. Scribonia birthed a daughter named Julia. Later, Augustus...

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